Mission Statement

The Wilson Lake Association will establish and maintain a program that will reverse any trend of degrading the water quality in Wilson Lake and result in continuous improvement in water quality. The Association will also encourage all the Lake’s stakeholders to be involved and support a cooperative effort to reduce or eliminate the impact of contaminants on lake water quality.

Latest Updates

Invasive Plant Patrol

Be sure to check out the Invasive Plant Patrol guided Paddle. Look under Events and click on the title.

Invasive Plant Training 101 – June 16,2017

Maine Volunteer Lake Monitoring Program will present Invasive Plant Training 101 at the Anderson Learning Center on Bradeen Street in Springvale on June 16 from 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM. This is a free course to teach us to recognize the 11 most invasive aquatic plants that threaten Maine waterways. This is a great opportunity to learn to recognize these plants which threaten the recreational, aesthetic and financial values of our waterfront properties.

This interesting workshop will include a slide presentation as well as a hands-on session to see the plants live and up close. You may take it for your own educational experience or choose to become a certified plant watcher. Either way, you will be an important part of Wilson Lake’s Plant Patrol and we will be happy to present you with an official WLA Invasive Plant Patrol T shirt when you complete the day’s activities.

To register, go to MaineVLMP.org and sign up under “Workshops and Events.”

WLA is proud to be a co-sponsor of this event.

Wilson Lake Clean Water Project – New This Year!

No matter how much time you get to spend at the lake, the main attraction and the foundation of your property value is the quality of the water. Erosion and invasive species are the two biggest threats. No matter how small an event of either type, it impacts the entire lake-and all of us. The WLA serves to pool our resources and focus our efforts and dollars to help prevent those events.

We’re delighted to tell you about a new program we’ve started called The Wilson Lake Clean Water Project. If you think you have an erosion issue on your property, whether it may have been identified in the 2009 Watershed Survey and you haven’t moved forward on addressing it, or it’s something new that has been created by storm events, this program can help.

You can start the ball rolling by calling Amy Arsenault at the Acton Wakefield Watersheds Alliance (AWWA) at 603-473-2300 and telling her you want to take advantage of The Wilson Lake Clean Water Project.  She will determine if you have a problem, develop a solution specifically for your property and you may qualify to become a Project Host.. The Youth Conservation Corps will provide free labor to implement the plan. WLA has initially budgeted $400 for the program and will pay 50% of the material costs (up to $100) for the first four homeowners to become part of this project.

The WLA exists to benefit everyone on the lake–and you have a very important role to play! We look forward to working with you and AWWA to protect the lake. If you have any questions about the Project call Jeanne Achille (477-0310).